Fence Work

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When you need residential and commercial fencing, we are the experts to call. We provide professional services for many fence material types and specific needs. Read about the most common types of fence materials we work with for our customers below. 

Wood Fences

The most common wood materials used for fencing are Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pressure-Treated Wood, and Redwood. When properly installed by a Daia fencing expert, each type of wood fence will provide a strong, lasting fence for your residential home or business.

Barbed-Wire Fence

Barbed-wire fence types are visually distinguished by their signature small, sharply pointed extrusions happening at short intervals along their twisted fence wires. Traditionally this fence type is used as a trespassing deterrent and for farming livestock corralling.

Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link fences are usually made of heavy galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire and are woven in a diamond-shaped mesh pattern. Have your installed or repaired by Daia fence professional and it is a durable fence type that will last.

Vynil Fences

Vinyl fence materials are synthetic and made of various materials such as plastics, PVC, polypropylene, nylon, or recycled plastics. Known for their strength and UV stability, these fence material types will last when installed by an experienced Daia fencing pro.